Exclusive marine for the real estate developments of Cantón Estate with moorings for owner and visitors, and small yet quaint gourmet gastronomic center. VER+
The dreamy landscapes of Italian Tuscany, only 15 minutes away from Buenos Aires and less than 50 miles from Colonia. Houses with their own vineyards. VER+
The First Country Club in Uruguay, with an exclusive private beach, pine forest and a Club House overlooking the river. VER+
This real estate development of rural farms with its own riding club is one of the most original places in Uruguay. VER+
Allotment around Carmelo Resort & Spa , Hyatt Hotel , inserted in a mature pine forest with direct access to the beach. VER+
This project of marine farms with their own vineyards, located in a privileged corner of La Barra de Maldonado, gives Punta del Este a whole new meaning. VER+

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