The Lighthouse


Around a 125 acres of pine trees on a white sandy shore in the cleanest banks of the Uruguay River host this private neighborhood -something rather unique in Uruguay  Its strategic location makes it as close enough and yet as far away as necessarily to escape the noise and fury of big cities.

Less than a mile away from the airport which connects in barely15 minutes with the north of Buenos Aires; and 5 miles away from Carmelo, and only a few hundred meters(hundreds of feet from the exclusive private Harbor International Airport. It is precisely this scarse distances make the access roads very close by air, water or land. However, the area is quite far enough from large urban centers; that’s part of what makes this a quiet, safe and peaceful place to retreat to.

El Faro offers spacious lots, that go between 2500 and 5000 m2/half an acre to one and a half acres/ 30.000 square feet to 55.000 square feet, with all the amenities necessary to enjoy the place. And its own particular, exclusive charm.

All these makes this a great, special place to live,  spend weekends or vacations. El Faro offers the possibility to spend family time outdoors with the whole range of activities that only a coastal safe site can offer…And much, much more.


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