Puerto Camacho


Camacho Port

The exclusive port of Canton Estate was one of the things which crowned the site easily accessible as a stronghold in the Uruguayan coast. The exclusive boutique harbour of Cantón Estate also offers:

Camacho Suites

A luxurious Bed & Breakfast. Another exclusive of Cantón Estates, which offers the possibility of accommodation for travelers and occasional visitors just 50 meters from the port. Spacious loft bedroom suites with fireplace, minibar, DirecTV, air conditioning and all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay .

Basta Pedro

To eat and/or drink inside what seems like a postcard, bar and restaurant offers a broad menu, specialized in pastas and pizzas home cooked & baked inside a masonry oven; plus the inevitable Uruguayan chivito.

La Lechería

A natural store with wines to choose from, a variety of cheese, yogurt, olive oil and typical local products. Also, exquisite homemade bakery with croissants and freshly baked breads. Commodities, homemade as old-fashioned.

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